The Benefits of a Wine Dispensing & Preservation System

Wine dispensing and preservation Wine dispensing and preservation2

Wine storage systems protect your fine wines from oxidation using pressurized nitrogen or argon. Nitrogen and argon are inert gases, meaning they have no color, scent or taste to interfere with the wine’s profile. When nitrogen is pumped into a bottle, it displaces the oxygenated air and fills up the extra space. Argon, which is heavier than air, provides an additional benefit by forming a blanket that rests on top and protects the wine.

The bottles are then sealed, trapping the inert gases and preventing more oxygen from entering the bottle and ruining the wine. Each time you dispense wine from the bottles, more argon or nitrogen is pumped in to prevent oxygen from getting in and turning the wine. In other words, dispensers push harmless gas into the wine bottle so oxygen can’t get in and ruin your bottle of La Mouline.


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