The Benefits of a Wine Dispensing & Preservation System

Wine dispensing and preservation Wine dispensing and preservation2

Wine storage systems protect your fine wines from oxidation using pressurized nitrogen or argon. Nitrogen and argon are inert gases, meaning they have no color, scent or taste to interfere with the wine’s profile. When nitrogen is pumped into a bottle, it displaces the oxygenated air and fills up the extra space. Argon, which is heavier than air, provides an additional benefit by forming a blanket that rests on top and protects the wine.

The bottles are then sealed, trapping the inert gases and preventing more oxygen from entering the bottle and ruining the wine. Each time you dispense wine from the bottles, more argon or nitrogen is pumped in to prevent oxygen from getting in and turning the wine. In other words, dispensers push harmless gas into the wine bottle so oxygen can’t get in and ruin your bottle of La Mouline.


Data Reveals – Apps More Popular Than the Mobile Web

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The idea that people will shift from using native apps on their smartphones to using HTML5 websites offering the same functionality hasn’t played out, according to the analytics company Flurry. Instead, US consumers” use of mobile web sites has dropped by almost a quarter, from an average of 31 minutes daily in March 2013 to 22 minutes a year later.

That has come even as people are spending longer on their phones – up on average to 2h42m per day compared to 2h38m in March 2013 – and that they spend even longer using apps rather than the mobile web.

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Mobile App Advantages Over Mobile Site

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Mobile App or Mobile Website: Which one to Choose?

Mobility is a hot word today when it comes to businesses. If you’re not mobile-accessible, you’re missing your target audience. However, mobility comes in many different flavors mobile apps and mobile sites. They’re not the same thing (far from it), so you need to know which one is right for you. How do you tell if you need an app or a mobile site? The information below will help.

The Numbers

When it comes to pure numbers, you’ll find that mobile sites reign supreme. There are far more visits to mobile sites than there are mobile app users. However, that doesn’t tell you the whole story. Interestingly, you’ll find that mobile app users actually interact more with your business than mobile site visitors 2.4 times more impressions are served to mobile app users than site users. What does that mean? Simply put, many mobile site visitors are “bounces” or people who visit once and don’t return. Mobile app users repeat their experience repeatedly.

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What’s Your Purpose?

The most important question to answer when deciding between a mobile app and a mobile site is your purpose. Are you selling products? Are you offering search tools? Are you offering information? Are you offering entertainment? Are you giving your customers a way to connect with you? Your specific purpose should determine what’s right for you.

For instance, if you’re running an online store, a mobile app isn’t going to be the most effective option. 73% of consumers prefer to buy products through a site (mobile or otherwise) than through an app. Are you connecting with your audience? If so, a mobile app is the way to go almost 70% of consumers prefer to connect via mobile apps rather than websites. Are you giving your customers or audience tools to manage their experience? If so, then a mobile app will be the better choice, narrowly edging out mobile sites by about 8% (46% vs. 54%).

Making Your Decision

Making the choice between a mobile app and a mobile site is a difficult one. There is no single answer that applies to every single business. For some, a mobile app will be the best answer, while other companies will benefit more with a mobile site. Perhaps the best option would be to have both (and it can be simple, especially if you operate a WordPress-based site, thanks to handy, free plugins that transform static websites into mobile-accessible ones).

Benefits of Mobile Apps

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Apps are popular with business owners and their customers. With today’s market going mobile, Apps help you keep pace. Affordable Apps offer your business and your customers valuable benefits. Take a look…

Benefits for Business – Apps:
Build relationships
Build loyalty
Reinforce your brand
Increase your visibility
Increase your accessibility
Solve the problem of getting stuck in spam folders
Increase sell-through
Increase exposure across mobile devices
Connect you with on-the-go consumers
Generate repeat business
Give you tools that are driving the “New App Economy”

Advantages of a Premium Private Label Wine Program

Private Label Wine Image

There was a time when a “private label” wine sold by a bar or restaurant implied inferior quality, usually a cheaper substitute for a name-brand product.

But now, a handful of high-end bars are proudly trumpeting the launch of their own private-label wines as premium products. Some are using them as exclusive competitive differentiators, available only on-premise, while others are taking the opportunity to sell house brands to the general public. It can be a tremendous marketing and branding tool.

Incorporate Wine Preservation and Dispensing into Your Restaurant

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Why are some prominent restaurateurs willing to invest in wine dispensing and preservation systems? Is it the savings? Or maybe the importance of consistency?

Wine dispensing and preservation systems can be a large investment of resources for many hospitality professionals. These sophisticated machines require money, maintenance, and time to adapt, but like all investments, you have to pay to reap the rewards.

The newest generation of wine dispensing uses preservation technology, and comes equipped with innovative features that result in money saved and more money earned. You can virtually limit spoilage, have precise pour amounts, prevent waste and set ideal temperature storing.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Its Own Custom Mobile App

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145 million Americans now own a smartphone, over 60% of all mobile phones. That number is rapidly rising. (Comscore, August 2013). 88% of restaurant goers said they would be interested in downloading an app that gives them loyalty advantages/features while in-restaurant. (Long Range Systems, September 2013). 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. (Latitude, December 2012). 72% of Millenials (16-24 year olds) expressed serious interest in receiving location-based restaurant offers on their mobile phones. (Partech, March 2011). The fact is, our smartphones are on us at all times. They’re as important to us as our keys and wallets or purses.

A custom mobile app for your restaurant can go beyond the currently popular loyalty aspects you’re surely hearing about, too. They encourage guests to check-in and share your location via social media, add consumers to your email list or VIP club, announce special upcoming events occurring at your location, include push notifications or in-app messaging to drive return visits and app engagement.

If your restaurant has a passionate following at all, a custom app can become your vehicle to stay connected with them.